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The Town and the River

The new edition of the Biennale is meant to inspire reflection, meditation, and to stir our imagination in the process of understanding, participating and creating the closest environment in the city.

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As the role of the historic European city centres changes, from an industrial base to a recreational, cultural and educational role, the situation of the urban rivers changes as well. The Vistula River running through Kraków, was once the central artery of transportation for the urban economy. That has changed. The river now gives the city a major recreational quality, with calm waters and green banks. Could this relationship between the city and its river now be reinterpreted, be given a stronger connection, a boost with new facilities, some new life and new functions, a new significance for the whole urban environment?
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MBA Kraków 2017, fot. Patryk Czornij

History of MBA in Kraków

The MBA is a cyclical event, taking place in Kraków since 1985. Each edition was a truly special forum for exchanging ideas and experiences amongst architects from around the world. The accompanying competitions, exhibitions, presentations and lectures are a unique attraction in this part of Europe for all those involved in architecture.
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